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Cancer Survivors

Cancer Wellness

LAUNCH, the Sanford Wellness Center program for cancer survivors, allows you to achieve specific fitness goals while receiving treatment for cancer and for life after cancer. We understand that priorities drive behavior and successful plans of exercise cannot survive without a well-defined plan supporting your personal needs. Cancer survivors will receive a 1-month free membership to Sanford Wellness Center.

Cancer Survivor Physical Therapy

LAUNCH helps our cancer survivor overcome road blocks such as:

  • Fear and intimidation of exercise
  • No time to exercise

LAUNCH for Cancer Survivors and their Caregivers is based on research:

  • Exercise reduces fatigue
  • Exercise improves survival rates
  • Exercise provides better every day function and higher quality of life

Cancer survivors will receive a 1-month free membership to Sanford Wellness Center.

Cancer Survivor WellnessThe LAUNCH program allows you to meet with a Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist for: 
  • Guidance on exercise 
  • Modifications to exercise throughout the treatment process and after treatment 
  • Identifying your personal values 
  • Overcoming your barriers 
  • Co-creating your personal strategies 
  • Creating your plan

      Also, the Embrace Warm Water Class is available. It's a controlled class designed for female cancer survivors. Click here for more details. 

      To sign up today, contact Maggie Rechtenbaugh at (605) 328-1637.

      Sanford Health was selected by the National Cancer Institute to be one of 30 cancer centers contracted to participate in the NCI Community Cancer Centers Program and help lead the rapid delivery of evidence-based cancer care and research close to home. By providing education and access to physical and occupational therapy, Sanford continues to improve its cancer services by assisting patients experience a new and better normal after cancer treatment.