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Women's Wellness

Part of the Oxbow location, Women's Wellness offers women an individualized workout that is based on each woman's goals and preferences. Women's Wellness is a time friendly program designed for every woman to set her own goals, her own pace and manage her own results. Contact Women's Wellness at (605) 328-1600 for membership information.

Women's Wellness is Private.

Women’s Wellness offers a private setting that consists of a small workout circuit that allows women to exercise at the same time. The circuit consists of nine strength-training stations and nine cardiovascular stations. Also, the room offers exercise balls, TRX, strongboards, BOSU trainers, Gravity Training Systems and various cardiovascular equipment. 
The atmosphere at Women’s Wellness is comfortable, private and is designed to eliminate competitiveness and encourage support.
At certain times of the day, men have access to this room. 

Women's Wellness is an Individualized Workout.

We work with you to design your own fitness program. Members can focus on circuit training while adding exercises to each workout for targeting problem areas.

Women's Wellness is Fast.

Between work, kids and finding “me” time, women juggle a lot. Women's Wellness is a great option for women with busy schedules.

Women's Wellness is Easy.

A trained exercise specialist can design a workout just for you.

Sanford Women’s Wellness Hours

Monday – Thursday: 5 a.m. - 7 p.m. 
Friday: 5 a.m. - 5 p.m. 

Women's Wellness Schedule

See the Sanford Women's Wellness Calendar.